Radar 1.2.2

(Special thanks to Yaroz of MT)

Changes Include
  • Fixed issue with Exceptions: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Fixed issue with setting for marker not loading correctly.
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Radar 1.2

Changes Include
  • Bug fixes
  • Typo fixes
  • Audible alerts for user defined objects (Optional)
  • All list are now sorted alphabetically
  • Corpse text color changes to red when opened
  • Distances has been changed from clicks to yards (The same unit of measure vTank uses for ranges)
  • Distance refreshing has been improved
  • Added a few chat commands see /radar help for list
  • Added per player UI size and position saving
  • Added saving of per player options (Defined rntries are still used across all players)
  • Not sure if I included in version 1.1, but UI is now resizable
Known Issues (Not really Radar problems)
  • For user defined entry classes are not exactly what you would think. The classes are defined by AC and Decal. Examples: There is a plant class, but plants are actually BaseCooking.
  • Portals are sometimes classified as NPCs.
  • Note classes are optional and you can just use name if you like, the classes were added just to help filter out results. For example: I used Name: Plant, Class: BaseCooking, Exact False (This defines all plants).
  • You could also use Name: Plant, Class: Any, Exact False. The latter would return some false positives. You could also use Name: Relanim Plant, Class Any, Exact True.

Radar 1.1


Radar 1.0


Title Tools 1.0

  • Changes AC's window title to the players name on login.
  • Can also change title by command.
    Ex. /tt Dead
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Scrolls 1.0

  • Makes all level 8 scrolls
  • Tells you which spells your missing
  • Requires Virindi Views
Known Issue
  • Known Spells only update on login
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